Project «Children Plus»

Welcome to our project - "Children Plus" - Improving the Live of Families Affected & Infected by HIV. Here you can learn more about the project concept, donors and implementing partners, look through the publications and experience gained during the project.



Project Outcomes

Outcome 1. To provide improved practical and psychological support to disadvantaged families to prevent their HIV infected/affected children from being placed in institutions, or becoming street children, due to the breakdown of their family 

Outcome 2. To place HIV(+) orphans currently living in institutions into family type of care (adoption, guardianship, foster families) that appropriately responds to their development needs in a loving, family setting

Outcome 3. To raise awareness of HIV/AIDS amongst kindergarten, school and boarding schools personnel in order to form a tolerant attitude towards HIV-positive children in pre-school and school educational system of Ukraine.

Outcome 4. 1000 children aged 6-16 and their families will be enrolled in a process of HIV status disclosure during the five years of the project leading to new models of status disclosure being incorporated into the state system.

Key indicators of the project as of September 1, 2012:

• 1332 families in crisis received a complete package of social services, due to that 1799 children remained in families.
• 116 HIV-positive orphans and children born to HIV-positive mothers were placed in family-based care.
• Regional representatives held 180 trainings for school teachers, kindergarten and children's residential care home personnel. Training covered 3583 representatives of preschool and school educational system of Ukraine.
• 1207 children enrolled in a process of HIV status disclosure. 943 of children affected or infected by HIV/AIDS found out the status.