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Project is being implemented in 10 regions of Ukraine




Poltava Charitable Association "Svitlo Nadii"

The Charitable Association "Svitlo Nadii" is an organization that provides care and support to people with HIV/AIDS, IDUs and their families. The organization was established in Poltava in 1999 and aimed to: provide a comprehensive package of social-psychological, medical and legal services to people living with HIV / AIDS, IDUs and their families. Over the past 2 years (2007-2008) 520 PLWH became clients of this organization, which is one third of all officially registered PLWH in Poltava region.

Project Staff:
Project manager - Negrebetska Yula
Social worker - Shapolova Victoria
Psychologists - Timoshenko Nadiya

Head of the Organization - Demchenko Maksym
Poltava, 28-A Artema St.
(0532) 50 85 99
(0532) 60 60 81