Project «Children Plus»

Welcome to our project - "Children Plus" - Improving the Live of Families Affected & Infected by HIV. Here you can learn more about the project concept, donors and implementing partners, look through the publications and experience gained during the project.



Project Outcomes

Outcome 1

To provide improved practical and psychological support to disadvantaged families to prevent their HIV infected/affected children from being placed in institutions, or becoming street children, due to the breakdown of their family

This target will be achieved through the following activities:

At the national level:
• Collaboration on a regular basis with specialized state authorities: State Social Service for Families, Children and Youth, and State Department of Adoption and Protection of Children's Rights of the Ministry of Family, Children and Youth.
• Holding thematic training sessions for social workers and psychologists (members of regional project teams), in order to improve their professional skills in providing psychological services to families who have found themselves in difficult life circumstances.

At the regional level:
• Collaboration on a regular basis with the relevant local (regional, municipal) Centres of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth, Services for Children, the Departments of Education and Science, and other organizations.
• Provision of comprehensive social support to children and families who have found themselves in difficult life circumstances and are affected by HIV/AIDS
- Individual and family consultations by a social worker / psychologist;
- Children's visits to the Children's Centre/Children's Room;
- Self-help / mutual assistance groups for parents to discuss solutions to clients' problems;
- Conducting studies on "Parenting Schools" to raise parents' awareness and to develop the skills necessary for bringing-up a child;
- Patronage of client by social worker/psychologist at home;
- Representation in various institutions;
- Redirection of clients to other agencies/organizations;
- Providing legal counselling.