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Project is being implemented in 10 regions of Ukraine




Odessa Community Organization "Sonyachne Kolo"

The need to register a new organization, "Sonyachne Kolo" first became apparent in 2005 with the development of a new area related to children that was being implemented by the Public Charity Organization "Zhyttya+". The idea arose in connection with the need to focus attention on one target group (children) by improving management and services provided to this target group. The founders and employees of the organization are HIV- positive and HIV- negative people who are educated and experienced in the social sphere within HIV services. NGO "Sonyachne Kolo" was officially registered on June 21 2007.

Project Staff:
Project manager - Valt Olga
Social worker - Belik Alisa
Psychologist - Prudnikov Andriy

Head of the Organization - Kotovych Albina
Odessa, 28 Kanatna str.
(048) 718-68-27