Project regions

Project is being implemented in 10 regions of Ukraine




Kharkiv Oblast Branch of All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH

Kharkiv initiative group of people living with HIV was organised in 2002 in. This group was aimed at protecting the rights of PLWH and helping them to solve their particular social problems. The goal of this organization is to improve the quality of life for PLWH and their environment, by lobbying and advocacy of their interests: providing "peer-to-peer" counselling: assisting in social adaptation and forming tolerance in society towards PLWH. Kharkiv Oblast Branch of the All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH was registered in 2004. At present it is a powerful organization in Kharkiv region, which has experience of providing services to people affected by HIV / AIDS, and experience in implementing projects.

Project Staff:
Project manager - Kohan Oksana
Social worker - Belytska Iryna
Psychologist - Beskorovaina Kristina

Head of the Organization - Makarenko Valentyna
Kharkiv, 247 Moskovsky av., 13th floor
(057) 750 60 64
(057) 751 20 03